Company history

RW Technischer Gebäudeservice GmbH was founded in August 1994 in Oberkirch near Offenburg (Baden-Württemberg) by Jens Wellhausen and Bruno Ruf.

The idea was to establish a company that offers service for technical installations in buildings, particularly for service of measurement and control of heating, air condition and ventilating systems.

The company succeeded in building up a permanent and satisfied customer base, as well as establishing good relationships with associated companies. At the beginning of 1995 the field of air conditioning (single and central air conditioning) became another mainstay of the company. At the same time, the demand for services in security-related electrotechnology facilities grew steadily.

In 1997 the company recruited its first staff members and its core work force has since expanded to 25 employees.

The component analysis of energy consumption and grid analysis with recognition of cost-generating units was added to the range of services offered by RW in 1998. This has made it possible to display energy curves and energy consumption in order to facilitate the implementation of energy-saving measures.

After a one-year construction phase, the company moved in 2001 to its new facility in Achern, a small town about 12km away from Oberkirch.

Since 2002 we have been developing concepts and solutions for energy conservation in various building installations achieving the same or better comfort while considering legal requirements.

In 2007 we received the authorisation to install, expand, modify and maintain of electrical systems in connection with the LV distribution network of Süwag Netz GmbH.

Since 2008 we offer trainee programs as Electrician for Power Engineering and Building Systems.