Grid analysis and energy management

You want to reduce energy costs, collect energy data automatically and account for cost centres? We offer you energy transparency:

  • collection and demonstration of energy curves and energy consumption
  • performance of measures for energy conservation
  • analysing and reducing of power surges
  • cost-generating recognition
  • net monitoring and energy management
  • calculation of the payback period of the amount being invested

Net monitoring

Our mobile measurement instruments can be installed in the DIN control (seize 96x96mm) for measuring and collecting of electric variables. The measurement instrument can be used for single-phase or three-phase electrical grids with or without neutral conductor.

The measurement instrument measures electrical voltage, currents and frequencies and calculates the active, reactive and apparent power as well as the power factors on the basis of this data. Furthermore, it calculates the active, the reactive and the apparent energy for all four quadrants.

The measured values can be readout, analysed, edited and documented via the data interface.