Hygiene regulation

Air conditioning devices must be hygienically in proper condition hygienically. The operator is responsible for this.

The hygiene inspection of ventilation and air conditioning devices in offices and meeting places has been regulated since 1998 under VDI Guideline 6022 Part 1 and in production areas under Part 3 of the same regulation since 2002. To document the proper hygienic condition of a specific device, it must be recorded during the entire time of the device’s operating life.

The operator is responsible for this, too. The legal enforceability of VDI 6022 derives from §3 and §4 of the German Occupational Safety Act, which obligates the employer to take all measures necessary to protect the health of its employees, and to ensure that hygiene standards are up-to-date. The introduction of the VDI Guideline 6022 brought several obligational changes in the maintenance and repair of ventilation and air-conditioning devices.

Documentation according to VDI Guideline 6022

The hygiene documentation that we apply to maintenance is based on the table of intervals in accordance with the VDI Guideline 6022 (page 37 to 40).

Additionally, devices with humidification must be inspected and the results documented every two years and devices without humidification every three years. We have trained and certified staff members for this maintenance.

You can find all under one-roof:
  • microbiological testing (humidifier, cooler, air)
  • physical verification (ventilation and air-conditioning devices, supply air in rooms)
  • technical balancing of the system as per VDI 6022
  • preparation of a list of measures
  • reconstruction and maintenance of ventilation and air-conditioning devices
  • professional disposal of breeding grounds

Our Managing Director Bruno Ruf is certified according to VDI Guideline 6022 Category A.