EIB/KNX systems

More comfort, more security and even more energy conservation.

Whether in detached houses or office buildings, comfort standards and the wide scope of application in the management of air conditioning, illumination and other trades are growing steadily. At the same time, energy efficiency is becoming more and more important.

A higher level of comfort and security as well as lower energy consumption can be achieved by using intelligent control and monitoring systems for all products used. However, this means more wiring will be needed to connect sensors and controllers with the controlling and monitoring units. The result is more extensive planning and installation work, a higher risk of fire and rapidly growing costs.

The answer is the European Installations Bus System (EIB/KNX) – the only open, worldwide standard for house and building systems technology

In order to relay control information to all components of the building automation, you need a system that avoids the problems of isolated systems: it has to make sure that all components communicate in the same language.

To put it briefly, you need a system that works independently of the manufacturer and the application, such as the EIB system. The standard is based on more than 15 years of experience in the market. All devices are linked via the EIB transmitting medium (twisted two-line wire, radio, 230V wiring or IP/Ethernet) so they can exchange information. Bus devices can either be sensors or actuators which are needed for controlling the building automation, for example: illumination, shadowing/window blinds, safety systems, energy management, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, alert and control systems, interfaces for maintenance and building control, remote control, counter value recording, audio and video control and household appliances.

All these functions can be secured by alerts without needing further control units.


Benefits for all types of buildings:

No matter what type of building, whether office buildings or normal households, the EIB/KNX provides completely new opportunities for building systems technology while keeping costs low. EIB/KNX offers solutions that would otherwise require considerably more time and money with conventional installation techniques.

It is possible to regulate all building applications with a single touch screen. From heating units, ventilation and access control to the controlling of all household appliances by remote – EIB systems offer completely new methods of improving comfort, safety and energy conservation in nearly all kinds of buildings.


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