Fire dampers

We perform maintenance works on fire dampers according to regulation 24 186 of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and the instructions of the manufacturer appropriate to their manufacturer’s certificate.

Maintenance instructions for fire dampers

Polluted, moist and corrosive air can damage the operational reliability of fire dampers. Thus, all cut-off devices of ventilation and air-conditioning technology should be maintained in periods of 6 months after installation.

If two consecutive maintenances reveal no operational defects, the cut-off devices will only have to be maintained in periods of one year. By offering maintenance contracts, you should consider to include maintenance of those cut-off devices in the contract.

Inspections include the following areas:

  • exterior inspection
  • interior inspection
  • maintenance and inspection of extra equipment

Exterior inspection

  1. Recording technical data in the inspection report, consider “PA X sign”
  2. Exterior inspections should be performed according to the particular inspection report. It is very import to adhere to installation instruction of the manufacturer.

Interior inspection

  1. For the interior inspection it is useful to install an inspection cover into the canal prior to the fire dampers. Additionally, the thermal element should be dismantled to simulate a fire. Because of the large number of manufacturers, the release mechanism between the thermal element and hand release switch may differ.
  2. When changing thermal elements, it should be ensured that the temperature range of the product is recalibrated after the test. Normally, the specified activation temperature is at 72 °C (161.6 °F), thermal elements with 68°C (154.5°F), 90°C (194°F) or 300°C (572°F) are only used in special cases.
  3. The damper blade should be controlled for cracks or other damage.
  4. The seal of the damper blade should be checked initially for damage.
  5. Damper blades should be cleaned carefully with a vacuum cleaner.
  6. Fire dampers with corrosion protection should be controlled for surface damage.
  7. While performing the interior inspection of fire dampers with asbestos-containing components, the maintenance personnel should wear appropriate dust masks. Furthermore, it is recommended to inform the operator that the dampers should be replaced.
  8. While performing the interior inspection, the respective test report should be observed.

Maintenance and inspection of extra equipment

  1. Electric limit switch:
    notifications on the electrical enclosure and the central control technology unit should be checked. When running a single limit switch, it should signal when leaving the open position.
  2. Pneumatic cylinder:
    The cylinder should be in operation every four weeks. (Otherwise the membranes may stick.)
  3. Other component parts:
    e.g. lifting magnet, pressure cylinder, pulley mechanism, electric motor and electrical spring return actuator have to be inspected and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Tripping device:
    The tripping devices should be inspected monthly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions after the ventilation system is started.

Our staff members are certified. Here is an overview of our certifications: