Fire protection

Structural fire protection

The complete security

Fire and smoke endangers and kills people; it can destroy property and possessions and leads to expensive production loss and high resulting costs.

Structural fire protection is safety technology that can help to save lives and property and possessions in case of an emergency.

As a qualified and experienced partner for the structural fire protection especially in the area of air ducts and fire dampers, we offer support for the development of extensive structural fire protection concepts for the particular building project and carry out the implementation.

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We recommend products from Promat. The product information below is with the kind permission of Promat.

Produktdatenblatt Lüftungsleitung sebstständig (pdf)
Produktdatenblatt Rohrabschottung PROMASTOP (pdf)
Entrauchungsleitung (MRA) mit Resonanzschalldämpfer (pdf)
Entrauchungsleitung (MRA) (pdf)
Kabelschottung PROMASTOP (pdf)
Kombischott für Kabel und Rohre PROMASTOP (pdf)

(Source: Promat AG)

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