Energy conservation and cost savings of up to 70%!

Our energy concepts reduce energy costs by up to 70% by reconstructing/replacing existing systems. The payback period can be up to three years but in most cases it is significantly shorter. This is based on our real-world experience. We would love to help you with your new projects as early as the planning phase.

We offer consultation with no obligation.

The prognoses are correct. We promise!

We can tell you in advance how much electricity you can save. Built-in data acquisition systems show it day by day and year by year. On the basis of these energy data it is possible to perform load management. You can make use of possible savings with simple steps.

  • ROI (return on investment) after 12 to 36 months
  • proof of energy conservation
  • enhanced lifespan
  • CO2 reduction/environmental report
  • energy conservation contract – save first, pay later
  • turnkey implementation

Energy saver with potential

WIN® Flex Energy conservation high performance inset

  • aluminium inset
  • high reflecting special brushing
  • less pollution of inset and bulb (tube)
  • saving potential approx. 50%
  • same luminous efficacy as conventional tubes
Lamp and starter

Three band lamp

  • approximately 33% longer lifespan
  • lower loss in luminous flux

Electronic starter

  • no flickering lights
  • no power loss in defective lamps
  • longer lifespan of fluorescent lamps
Use of daylight

  • daylight-dependent control
  • low installation effort
  • possible for all types of lamps, including high pressure lamps
  • variable illumination levels
  • daylight-dependent switch-off
Presence detector
Detectors can be installed as both presence and acoustic detectors.

Possible fields of application

  • •corridors, halls
  • •class rooms, conference rooms
  • •staircases
  • •sports halls
  • •warehouses and gangways etc.

Example: Sports hall

The pictures show the modification from a four pipe light system to a twin pipe light system in a sports hall. Energy conservation of 50% and greater luminous efficacy can be achieved.

Fields of application

Outdated and inefficient illumination systems mean higher costs, less comfort and a higher risk of failure. Together we can find solutions to fit your needs.

The goal for all public institutions is the same: reducing costs comes first. Whether public buildings, sports halls or schools: Savings between 30% and 70% are achievable. You can take our word for it!

Safety first: traffic density and time of day define the requirements for illumination. We offer many efficient options here, too. We won’t leave you in the dark.

The right light for products and commodities creates an impressive shopping atmosphere. There is a high conservation potential despite high requirements in this sector. We have the right solution.