System Bauer - COSMOS® OPEN

The most energy-efficient control technology for your ventilation system!

The System Bauer encompasses a patented process for controlling ventilation systems. With ventilation systems, at air exchange rate of 2.5, static heating units and a ceiling with integrated cooling systems are redundant in most cases. With an ideal mixing of room air and supply air, the temperature of the supply air, the outlet speed and the position of the outlets in the room are of no importance!

By mixing air slowly and consistently, air temperature is optimally and equally distributed. The room’s energy consumption is reduced.

“Short circuits” in airflow are a thing of the past with the System Bauer Optimisation System. Even high rooms do not pose a problem anymore!

With a reduction of the room’s airflow, the ideal heating temperature can be reduced by 1°C or 2°C (34°F to 36°F) and occupants experience the reduction as comfortable!

The system is a patented process for the control of ventilation units.

Simple modifications with little changes can increase the efficiency of ventilation units considerably– new ventilation units do not need to be as large. Operating costs are thus reduced significantly and well-being is enhanced due to improved airflow in the room.

A brief summary of the Bauer Optimisation System

Bauer Optimisation System (BaOpt) is a control system for optimising central ventilation units and air conditioning units. The system produces an undirected airflow although supply air and room air are well mixed.

Benefit 1: Enhancing well-being

The same low flow rate sets in at almost every place in a room. The room’s flow rate depends on the volume of the supply air. Optimised airflow (few temperature layers, no cool pools, no cool air downdraughts, even temperature distribution…) is a result of using the total room volume without causing air short circuits.

Benefit 2: Minimising energy consumption

The even distribution of supply air with room air minimises heat loss in winter and the cooling demand in summer. The fresh air required, which needs energy-intensive purification, can be reduced to a minimum. Air quality sensors ensure that air quality does not fall below defined limits. Compared to conventional control technologies, energy conservation of approximately 25% is achieved and often exceeded. If existing units are modified to the System Bauer Optimisation technology, payback periods of just a few years are feasible.

Benefit 3: Investment cost reduction for new systems

During the planning phase, new ventilation systems can already be adjusted to fit the decreased need. The space for the duct system and the outlets is also reduced. A higher supply air temperature makes static heating superfluous, even with an air change rate near the minimum outdoor air rate. Changing the air three to four times per hour in offices makes cooling ceilings redundant. Since supply air flows draught-free at a minimum temperature of 12°C (53.6°F) into the room, it is possible to use free cooling up to 70% or more all year round. The volume flow is thus reduced and saves expensive cooling energy.

Example: ARTE (French-German TV station in Strasbourg)

The pictures below show the modification of a ventilation unit in the studios of the French-German TV station ARTE.


The worldwide patented ventilation control (Patent BAUER) from COSMOS-BaOpt reduces energy costs (heating/cooling/ventilation) from approximately 25% to 50% depending on the unit while enhancing comfort and well-being at the same time.

The investment needs for new projects are significantly lower because of smaller ventilation units which also minimises operational costs.

The architecture and the usage of buildings are further enhanced with smaller air ducts which can be installed virtually anywhere.