Company anniversaries

20 Years - RW Technical Building Service GmbH

Embedded in the Von Drais street party, we celebrated our 20th company anniversary on September 21st, 2014. The entire RW team as well as friends and business partners were pleased to celebrate this event with over 6,000 visitors and guests.

On this day, you could take a ride to the sky in a gondola and enjoy the view tot he fetival below. The youngest among us tinkered up their own popcorn cup and filled it and with fresh popcorn. For connoisseurs and friends of old "tin" the US-Car & Vintage car exhibition was just the right thing. Many artists delighted us with their performances and attractions.

As a culinary highlight, delicious „tarte flambée“ and delicious coffee was offered with cake.

We thank everyone who made this festival so memorable for us and look forward to another successful RW years.

Your RW-Team

15th company anniversary in 2009 and Street Festival “Von-Drais-Straßen-Fest” in 2004

On 27th of September 2009 we celebrated our 15th company anniversary along with the “Von-Drais-Straße-Fest”, a street festival organised by all the companies located on the street. We had wonderful weather and lots of visitors who celebrated with us. Some of them took advantage of the opportunity to learn about the Bauer air optimisation technology directly from the inventor. He presented his invention and the related energy saving potential in three oral presentations.

There was something for everyone: those who were brave could take a ride in an aerial gondola to a height of 50 m and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the festival and the surrounding area. Those more firmly grounded could experience a US car and vintage car show, a chill out lounge with alcohol-free drinks and interesting films about our earth.

Younger visitors could take a ride on ponies or jump around in a bouncy castle. Various artists performed shows and entertained the visitors as well.

We offered barbeque delicacies, coffee and cakes for the small hunger.

Everyone enjoyed our 15th company anniversary and we want to thank all our visitors, employees and friends who contributed to the celebration.

Street Festival “Von-Drais-Straßen-Fest” in 2004

On 12th of September we celebrated our 10th company anniversary in conjunction with the street festival “Von-Drais-Straßen-Fest”.

More than 10,700 visitors made the day a success. For the entertainment there was an Elvis and Rock`n`Roll Show, a US car and vintage car show, kids program and delicious food.

Everyone had the opportunity to learn about the wide range of services offered by RW Gebäudetechnik.

We would like to thank all those who stopped by or congratulated us on our anniversary and we are still looking forward to further contact.